Pastor Teresa A.  Darden

Pastor Teresa A. Darden is a native of North Carolina, and grew up in the small town of Pinetops. She is the fourth of five children. At the age of 20, after going to the flea market with her mother and finding a $100.00 bill in an old purse, she ventured out to Spring Valley, New York, which became her home.

After settling in New York, she became employed at Greer Woody Crest Facility, working with the mentally challenged young adults for three years. Later, after successfully passing the Peace Officer’s Training and Academy, she became employed by Rockland County Sheriff’s Corrections Division as a Correction Officer in 1989. It was soon after this time that God began to deal with her that she gave her life to Christ on May 5th, 1990.

During her formative years of ministry, she served faithfully as Devotional Leader under the Leadership of Dr. Jack D. Walker, of Mahwah Full Gospel Church, having received a divine call to serve in ministry, she enrolled in Tabernacle of Prayer Bible Institute under the auspices of Dr. Eloise Young, and continued her advanced studies at Manhattan Bible Institute under the auspices of Dr. Richard F. Christie Sr. Afterwards, she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Theology and Religious Education, graduating with honors.

In 1993, she was ordained as an Evangelist, and began to evangelize in her community, launching yearly Tent Revivals, and preaching state to state. In 1994, God ordained it to be so, that her role be changed in Corrections, from Officer to Chaplain, where she presently serves to this date. She is the founder of the Rockland County Jail Outreach Ministries Inc.

In 1998, she began ministering in her living room, until God prepared and established Him a place of worship, being “Upper Room House of Worship”, in a storefront building on main street Spring Valley, where she was consecrated and installed as Pastor, under the covering of the Late Apostle Edna Dillard, on May 17th, 1999.

In 2004, it was orchestrated by God, that the Upper Room House of Worship move from its storefront building to 118 Bethune Blvd. There they continued to rent, until God moved on the hearts of man to loose all ties to the building, for the purchase price, a little of nothing, paid in full October 2nd, 2009. With future plans of a new Community Church and Resource Center coming soon, on that very site.

Pastor Darden is a highly anointed Woman of God, that is sincere in her mandate to teach the people of God, the undiluted redemptive word of God. She is a woman of excellence with a vision, wise beyond her years.

To date, that vision includes the TGIF Backpack Weekend Food Program for East Ramapo School District children and families, Food Bank for the hungry, Turkey’s for the bird eaters during Thanksgiving, Christmas gifts for children, Summer Camp for children of the incarcerated and those in need of a life changing experience, Yearly Family Fun Day Street Block Party Carnival on Bethune Blvd., and all programs are absolutely free.

Pastor Darden is a Woman of God, who will come with the word like a hammer, to drive the nail completely in, and yet she graciously embraces with kindness, showing love and compassion to everyone. She is never too busy to lend a helping hand to those in need, giving of herself unselfishly at all times.

Pastor Darden is the proud mother of Damien (Rachel), LaTresa and Jerrell. She is also the grandmother of Daequan, Khamya, Judaea, Avionna, Christopher, and Bailey and a grandmotherly love for (Iyonna), and loves her Church Family.